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Pro-hydra facial

Pro Facial is our amazing new treatment that is guaranteed to leave your skin feeling amazingly refreshed.

PRO FACIAL consists of 3 steps : deep cleanse, exfoliate & hydrate.

PRO FACIAL DELUXE consists of all of the above steps along with additional treatment of a collagen mask, radio frequency, ion lifting/skin tightening & ultrasound treatment.

Both treatments will leave your skin both looking and feeling absolutely flawless.


The total solution for the perfect facial care.

  • Deep cleanse

  • Exfoliate

  • Clear blocked pores

  • Anti-bacterial & acne care

  • Hydrate & nourish the skin

  • Anti-wrinkle

TOTAL facial care for all skin types

  • Anti-aging

  • Exfoliate

  • Deep cleanse

  • Hydrate & nourish

  • Stimulation of collagen

  • Smooths skin

  • Increase blood circulation

  • Increase lymphatic flow

  • Skin cell stimulation

  • Skin lifting and tightening


  • Aqua peeling

  • Deep cleanses & exfoliates & digital peeling

  • Deeply infuses & hydrates & renews the skin

  • Acne, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammation, soothing effect


Making your skin healthy with the exclusive Pro Facial solutions to exfoliate, deep cleanse and hydrate the skin. With the benefits of anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and to increase lymphatic flow. Healthy skin is as easy as 1, 2, 3.





Using micro current to propel the anti-ageing ingredients of the mask deep into the skin (iontophoresis) and stimulate the skin tissue and muscles for a lifting effect.

• Stimulates skin tissue, hair roots, gives skin elasticity & anti-aging




The sono hand piece will activate the fibroblasts within the skin to improve elasticity, or in conjunction with a facial mask enhance the delivery of nutrients into the skin. (phonophoresis)

• Melts fat & cellulite cells, smooths skin texture, helps produce collagen & elastin






With the multi-polar hand piece to stimulate collagen and elastin renewal to aid in skin tightening and increase blood flow. Giving your skin a healthy glow.

• Collagen remodelling & improve skin elasticity
• Safe and painless, with immediate effect


Pro facial solutions are beneficial for the following

Pro Solution 1

  • Keratin removal and pores cleansing

  • Cleans the inner pores and gives smooth skin texture

Pro Solution 2

  • Acne care

  • Blackhead, sebum, debris. Inner pores cleansing, sterilization, anti-inflammatory, antibiotics effect.

Pro Solution 3

  • Penetration of moisture and nutrients

  • Contains fermented extract of EGF and galactomyces

  • Lustering, clean, elastic skin

The maintenance Pro-hydra facial consists of the first 3 steps above, steam, extraction (if needed) custom face mask, serum, moisturiser, eye cream, lip balm and SPF. £60

The Deluxe Pro-hydra facial consists of the first 3 steps above, includes the chest, neck & face, face massage, steam, extraction (if needed) collagen mask, RF frequency, ION lifting, ultrasonic, massage, hot towels, serums, moisturiser, eye cream and lip balm. £75


-Pace maker

-Metal pins & plates in the head

-Inflammatory skin conditions

-Inflamed skin

- Thin, fragile skin with red veins

- Keloid scarring

- Diabetes

- Cancer patients

Skin may be slightly pink/red for a few hours after but there is no down time with this facial.


No sauna, steam room, gym, swimming, hot baths or showers for 48hrs, no make up for 24hrs.

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