Facial Consultation help Sheet

My name is Rebecca Pearl I am the Therapist here at RP Beauty Clinic, I have made a quick consultation help sheet to help you when deciding which facial to choose. I am always available when not in treatment to answer any calls or messages you send me about treatments and will fully explain everything to you. I also offer free consultations where you can come inside the salon and have a face to face consultation. I will analyse your skin, lifestyle, skincare routine and recommend which treatments and skincare products are suitable for you.


Consultation questions

What are your main skincare concerns?

Clients must be realistic about what concerns they want to treat and if the services RP Beauty Clinic provide can help treat and improve these concerns. It may be a case of treating one concern at a time if the client has many concerns.


Do you have any medical conditions or taking medication for any reason?

Clients may not be suitable for some treatments if they have medical conditions which affect the healing of there skin or take medication which causes sensitivity to their skin.


Do you have any hormonal issues?

Hormones affect so many issues in our bodies and client suffering from these conditions may not get the results they want, or I may only be able to help improve conditions as hormones are inside the body and affect hair growth, pigmentation Acne etc...


What skincare products do you use?

It is very imported that the client knows what skin type they are and what cleansers and products they should use. Many products contain mineral oils, chemicals and fragrance which can cause allergies and reactions e.g redness, sensitivity, Acne, rashes e.t.c. Every client should be using at least 2/3 products minimum to help clean their skin of pollution, spf, makeup, dirt and oil on their skin. Everyone should be applying spf on their skin during the day even if they have black skin as all year round there are UVA rays which travel through glass and reflect of surfaces not to mention the blue lights from computers, phones and electronics. I also sell microfiber cloths and ultrasonic skin devices to help with clients that need extra deep cleansing and help with removing blackheads. Some skin types will require strong products which you can not buy over the counter which I can recommend were to get these.


What is your diet like?

I do not offer allergy tests so I do not gain any money from this, but I have recently completed a Diploma in Nutrition of Allergies and food intolerances due to the high amount of skin concerns I am seeing in clinic every day which show up on the skin as Acne, Rosacea e.t.c. This is caused by a build-up of inflammation in the body which affects our gut microbiome and as a result will start to affect our skin microbiome which shows us that something is wrong with our gut health. The main triggers for skin concerns are Diary, Wheat, Gluten, alcohol and spicy food. For anyone looking to improve their gut health, I can give advice, free lifestyle analysis and recommended a purifying detox programme to help reset the gut microbiome. there is more information regarding this service on the "21-day gut rest and microbiome" page on this website.


What is your occupation/ lifestyle?

Different jobs will come with different stresses and stress can affect our bodies in different ways.

Also Gym, exercise, children, nights out, sunbeds and how many times you go on holiday and expose your skin to the sun will contribute damage to the skin,


Treatment plan

At each consultation a treatment plan will be completed like this one below, were you will know exactly what I can do to help you and what you can do to help yourself, the cost of all treatments, skincare and your progress will be documented each time you come.








You can book consultations and facials through my online booking system on this website www.rpbeautyclinic.co.uk.


The treatments provided by RP Beauty Clinic are all Advanced facials which use either manual exfoliation (Dermaplanning and crystal Microdermabrasion) or chemical exfoliation (chemical peels).

Each is brilliant at removing the top layers of skin and promoting the skin cells to produce new healthy cells. This is essential when trying to treat acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, oil and congestion in the skin.

Microneedling and Mesotherapy repair skin cells and promotes skin to naturally heal itself by producing new collagen and elastin which is great for deep Acne scarring and deeper lines and wrinkles, treatments vary between 3-12 sessions depending on results clients want to achieve.


The New BB Glow facial is the quick fix every client wants for that special occasion, weddings, holidays or to give a fresher colour corrected appearance, brilliant for clients with old Acne scarring, redness and pigmentation as this is hard to treat. Please be aware this treatment provides a BB foundation coverage to cover imperfection but is not permeant!!! The treatment lasts about 4 months after 3-4 sessions which need to be done 1 a week to build clients desired coverage. This treatment is not good for clients suffering from Active Acne as a side effect to Microneedling is breakouts and can make this worse!!


Dermaplanning is where a scalpel is used to scrape off the dead skin cells and peach fuzz. This is a very superficial facial which removes 21 days of dead skin cells. This facial is better for dryer skins as you will get more exfoliation, if a client is a very oily skin with blackheads, you will need a separate facial called a Deep cleansing facial which involves crystal microdermabrasion to remove this. Dermaplanning will not be enough by itself! Once a client has both Dermaplainning and a Deep cleansing facial and skin is not too highly sensitive I can combine the two facials otherwise it will be too much in 1 go for sensitive skin, particularly Asian or black skin!


Clients with dark thick hair will not be a candidate for this facial however I do offer Nd Yag laser hair removal which will treat the hair growth, the heat is antibacterial and stimulates collagen, it is a facial treatment and lightens some pigmentation. Go to Nd Yag Laser Hair Removal treatment page to find out more about this treatment.


The deep cleansing facial is for more for oily, acne, Milla and congested skin which needs extraction. This facial consists of cleansing the skin to remove oil build-up, steaming the skin to open the pores and soften Milla and congestion in the skin ready for extraction. Crystal microdermabrasion is applied to dry skin to remove the dead top layers of the skin, suction and abrasion can be added to skin types that are not sensitive to get more blood flow to the surface of the skin and help unclog deep-rooted blackheads. The vacuum in the head of the handpiece will do all the hard work so then when the extraction is done most of the congestion will be easily removed. Some blemishes and Milla will need to be extracted using a sterile pin and an extractor, a deep cleansing clay mask and LED blue light will be applied to the skin to kill bacteria and SPF is applied to protect the skin.


Microdermabrasion can also be used for drier skins which the products are changed for dry skin type and no extraction is needed as this skin type does not commonly have congestion but needs hydration instead. Microdermabrasion is brilliant for fine lines and brightening skin tone, however, Dermaplanning seems to be the most popular choice but both facials are fantastic for this skin type.


Chemical peels

A Chemical Peel is a chemical exfoliate which when applied to the skin treats the skin cells because the skin's PH has been lowered. Different chemical peels use enzymes, salicylic and different strength glycolic acids to treat Acne, Acne scarring, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and line and wrinkles.

These are brilliant for smoothing skin texter, improving the appearance of scarring and brightening the skin.


Enzyme 5% peel can be added to a deep cleaning facial if the skin is not too sensitive to really get some shedding of skin cells and removing congestion to the skin.

Enzyme and Flower enzyme peel can be applied after Dermaplainning as the dead skin is already removed so the skin peel can get further down into the skin.


Flower Enzyme peel can be added to light Microneedling to help improve and treat skin cell for more sensitive skins.


Enzyme 5% Peel is good for Acne, sun-damaged and congested skin.


Flower Enzyme is a good 1st-time Chemical peel with antioxidant to treat skin cells and make skin glow!


Latic 20% Peel is good for all skin tones and helps with uneven skin tone, pigmentation and is a great peel for parties or occasions where you want your skin to look glowing, this peel is used by its self or with steam to make slightly more intensive as it will be too reactive to use with another exfoliation treatment.

All the chemical peels above have minor to no downtime, slight redness may be seen after due to the chemical exfoliation process, a soothing mask and green LED Light therapy is applied to calm skin and SPF.


Glycolic 30% Resurfacing Peel this Chemical Peel dose have 3 days downtime after!!!

Clients will not be able to have this peel in till they have had at least 3-4 of the other peels before as skin needs to be strong enough not to overreact!!!!

This Chemical peel is brilliant for sun-damaged, moderate pigmentation, acne scarring and deeper lines and wrinkles.

This peel will feel extremely hot when applied to the skin and a cooler is applied to help with the heat, afterwards your skin will be very red and feel like sunburn for up to 48hrs after.

A face ice mask and LED Light therapy will be applied to skin straight after to calm down redness and no heat, sauna, steam, hot showers or makeup is to be worn for 48hrs, some skin will shed and skin will be healed by 5 days, no holidays are recommended for 4 weeks after, SPF must be worn every day.


For more information on Dermaplanning, Deep cleansing facial- Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels please visit the treatment page in the home section of this website.

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