Skin Care

Rejuvi facials

Rejuvi aims to combine advanced herbalogy, beauty secrets from the Orient with modern cosmetic chemistry and the latest dermatological research to provide a unique synergistic approach to skin rejuvenation.

Rejuvi Laboratory, Inc. has developed extensive professional skin treatments for a variety of skin problems. These professional treatments have produced many remarkable results. Consequently, Rejuvi professional treatments are very powerful tools for estheticians, dermatologists and skincare professionals.

Every client has a different skin type, thickness, sensitivity and skin concern/s. There is not a one fits all approach when treating the skin.

There are many factors that may of caused the skin concerns and the underlining issues must be address to ensure the skin concerns are fixed and do not keep reoccurring. 

There are so many skincare brands, products and treatments in the beauty industry which clam to get rid of all your skin concerns but in reality most of us no this is not the case. 

Beauty starts from within, mentally, physically, diet, nutrition, environment, lifestyle, positivity & gratitude. If you would like to educate yourself on your skin and what you can do visit the:  EDUCATE YOU SKIN page.

We all have different faces & bodies are are not supposed to all look the same. 

Myself I suffered with hormonal acne and know how that effected my self confidence at a young age when none of my friends had Acne.

I decided to train as a beauty therapist because I wanted to help people feel better about them selves and improve there self confidence. 

The facials I have created below work on the skin concerns but I will always do a full skin analysis, ask about hygiene, products, diet, food intolerances, allergies and stress as this is what cause these concerns. Only using products and having regular facials will help to improve your skin concerns but if you are not working on the inside issues as well they will keep manifesting on the out side. 

Maintenance facials

Maintenance facials are for clients who have a fairly good skincare routine or need some help to improve there skin concerns. Monthly facials every 4-6-8 weeks will help keep onto of there skin concerns and also improve their skin. Lots of client I see monthly that have cut out certain food groups that are causing gut problem and allergies start to notice significant improvements in their skin and realise very quickly what the problems are. 

The maintenance facials I have created include the face and are 1hr facials.


Maintenance facials: (see the separate facial treatment pages for more information)

  • Rejuvi Calming active acne facial treatment (see calming active acne)

  • Rejuvi Deep cleansing facial treatment (see deep cleansing facial)

  • Rejuvi Anti-ageing facial treatment (see deluxe pro-hydra facial)

  • Rejuvi Backne treatment (see calming active acne facial)

  • Rejvi skin lightning treatment (see below)

  • Pro-hydra facial (see Pro-hydra facial)

  • Custom Dermaplaining (see dermaplaining)

Deluxe facials

Any maintenance facial (facials above) can be made into a deluxe facial which includes the chest, neck and face. Also a facial massage, hot towels and a collagen mask is included. The deluxe Pro-hydra facial includes RF frequency, ION lifting and ultrasound for skin tightening and lifting.

Rejuvi skin lightning treatment

Rejuvi Skin Lightening Treatment combines with Fruit Complex and Whitening Formula to achieve a synergystic effect to improve skin tone and pigmentation problems such as uneven or blotchy complexion, melasma as well as dark eye circles. This is the most effective professional treatment available today.

Rejuvi Lightening Treatment contains precious superfine pearl powder and multiple anti-oxidents in an air tight vial to preserve maximum potency. Therefore Rejuvi Lightening Treatment provides an immediate improvement in skin tone after 30 minutes or so.

Rejuvi Lightening Treatment can be performed once per week or every other week. Since the skin whiteness is limited by individual genetics, Rejuvi Skin Lightening Treatment is designed to help recover the best skin tone. Once the skin has approached its maximum further gain may be very limited. It is important to understand the limit of the treatment and avoid over expectation.

Aftercare for facials:

  • No sunbeds for at least 4 weeks after

  • No sun holidays for at least 4 weeks after

  • No sauna, steam room, or swimming for 48hrs after

  • Only mineral make up can be worn straight afterwards

  • Normal makeup can be worn after 24hrs

  • SPF is to be worn every day!

  • some facials may have some redness and downtime in till the skin heals.